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Friday, May 23, 2008

As many of you know, my wonderful wife Katie is a 2nd grade teacher at Bethany Elementary. Well today is her last day with her students. This completes her second year of teaching and although it's bittersweet to see another great class of kiddos go, she is really excited about her summer as you can imagine. If I could brag for a moment....Katie is an AMAZING teacher! She absolutely loves what she does and pours her heart and soul into developing her students. I'm proud of you honey, congrats on another great year!!!

There's more good news...after a long and arduous interview process it's official...starting next week Katie will be the first ever employee of Josh McCullock Photography. There were alot of applicants, but she shines above the pack : )
Katie will be helping me with billing & scheduling, all the organizational stuff that I need help with. She also has an amazing eye behind the camera and will be second shooting most of our wedding this summer. As you may also know she has quite the eye for interior design! Some examples here and here. So this summer I'm giving her a "design on a dime" type challenge to turn the upstairs of our house into an awesome vintage/modern client meeting area and office! More to come as the project develops!


this shot was actually taken in front of the White House a couple years ago, but you get the point.
thats all for now!


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Ryan Whitaker said...

Awesome, congrats on the new hire!

Has she petitioned for a spot on the marquee? "Katie (and Josh) McCullock Photography" sounds pretty cool. =)