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guest blogger; my wonderful wife!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So I've been saying this blog is more than just a way to show my wedding and portrait work and I thought I'd take an opportunity to introduce you to my better half Katie. One thing you need to know about my wife is that she LOVES projects, especially when it comes to "reclaimed furniture". We had a project night tonight and I thought we'd share it with you. But this was her vision so I'll let her give you the details. Everyone this is Katie...Katie this is everyone...

Okay, one of my favorite stores to find "junk" (that's such a harsh term!) is Hotel/Motel Liquidators. I go there often and bargain with the owner...if you ever want to go, take me, he'll give you a deal! Alrighty, this is our most recent piece, a metal cart. Even though it doesn't look it, it was really dirty, in a sticky, gooey way! Our vision, an end table next to the couch.

This is the cleaning process in what we like to call the "dungeon", some people call it their garage.

Yes, of course, Ringo is a part of all the family activities...he just sat there and watched though..geez

We cut down the table from about 34 in. to 21 in. and added wheels to the bottom for a more "industrial" look.

Yes, it is a sturdy table, enough to hold *** lbs..

The finished project! We put this in place of an antique table I got when I was around 12 (I've always been fascinated with decorating).

A couple more angles...


This is a table I also got in parts from Hotel/Motel. I went in asking for the bottom of a chair or stool and after many tries, he found this...perfect! It even still has part of the cushion fuzz (added character). I just placed a glass top and there you go...another end table!


Another good find from H/M, a wire basket that now holds our blankets.

That's all for now, until the next "junk" project. Thanks for reading!


thomas riffey said...

thanks for the props man. i'm trying to get a good visual look going without making it look too much like my virb.

you guys do some quality restore work on the furniture. much more trading spaces than court & me. i wish i was though.

i may have to call you guys, we're looking for furniture right now for our youth area, going for a coffee shop/lounge kinda theme, and you might be able to help us get hooked up!

Laura Kay Photography said...

love the furniture finds, that is so fun! i actually like doing stuff like that too, but that fist table is the coolest!

Debbi said...

Katie you are an inspiration to us all... and your talents delightfully unending. Makes me want to clean out my junkie back room and create something HGTV!
Love you bunches.