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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well, actually my birthday is July 1st but my gift came in the mail today and my amazing uber-cool wife slapped down two tickets to Coldpplay at the Ford Center! Shyea!!!



and believe me...I WILL be finding a way around that "no cameras/recorders" bull!

They are touring their new album "Viva la Vida" By the sound of the one song thats been released is going to be flippin awesome! If you're a fan and you haven't heard Violet Hill you have to get it now!

Its been a crazy couple weeks! We shot 3 weddings, started building a deck on the back of the house, had a few awesome sleep-overs with our butt-kickin friends the Zochs. Check back for some images from the three awesome weddings we got to be a part of over the last couple weeks!




Carl Zoch Photography said...

a butt kickin time it was indeed!

Micah and Sunny said...

Hey Josh, Love the new advertising stuff you are working on. Photos look fabulous, of course. My hubby got tickets to coldplay from his sis for his bday too. He is so excited about it too. Look for him there, he'll be the one with the coldplay t on. (ha)

Sunny K

Stephen Vandervort said...

dude, tighty-whities, sling that camera through the doors via your crotch. i may or may not have done this before.