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new vintage modern by Katie

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saturday was a fun day for Josh and I. Our goal that day was to "vintage" our house. Scooter and all, we cruised around good ole OKC looking for the right pieces. This is what we came up with.

dining room.jpg

One of our missions that day...vinyl dining room chairs. I had seen some awesome ones at a coffee shop that had been spray painted and immediately thought that's what we should do. We went to my go-to, Hotel Motel, and sadly walked out with nothing. While looking for retro prom clothes, we found a set at a thrift store for super cheap! They didn't need anything done...just a good cleaning. So, here's the product that Josh and I are super proud of (isn't the rug snazzy?). Come on over and test them out...you'll become a believer...just don't cut them or we'll have to hurt you...

living room.jpg

Yes...I am also proud to say that we now own a shag rug. All we need is a good rake to keep that thing "fluffed". Garden Ridge has a good selection on rugs for really good prices (note:the dining room rug also from GR). We have been wanting something to define those two spaces and make them feel a little more homey. We found this one and thought it would be perfect. Ringo seems to agree, as well. Feel free to come on over and test this one out as well....you'll become a believer (again)...

until next time,


realolivegreen said...

Love it love it love it! ALL of it! Can't wait to test it out with my knife in one hand and rake in the other.hahah!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

your new layout looks great!