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time flies when you're having fun...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's almost impossible to believe Gavin has been here for a month! It's been an awesome experience getting to know him and we learn more about him every day. Life is slowly moving back towards our normal routine, we even had a night out last night for the first time. We got to catch Thunder-Laker game with Jason & Jenni Duncan, the masterminds behind Cafe Evoke, we had a great time! It was really nice to be out of the house and not change a diaper for a few hours but we missed him like crazy!
Here's a glimple of what we've been doin for the past month, and a couple shots of Gavin's room.
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/ todd scott ballje said...

dang that kid is cute!

Kriea Arie said...

He is adorable!!! Love the photo frames!!!

thomas riffey said...

what the heck is the deal about the bird at the end of the video? that your new logo?

and seriously, gavin is cute man.

joyful02 said...

He is so adorable. I love his room with all the pictures..You guys did awesome on the room and have a precious looking baby boy.

live compassionately said...

He is a DOLL! I LOVE the picture of him next to the monkey and I love that you put the picture of Ringo with the glasses in his room. :)

leanna jackson said...

i LOVE the shot of him & his monkey. *sigh*

it never slows down. zebediah is 7 months now and i'm still baffled at how he got so big so fast.

Anonymous said...

Josh, nice work. It gets better. I'm the dad of twins and we are 14 months into it. I struggled in the beginning but I'm starting to see the light. Good luck!!

Amanda said...

love gavin and love the room!

Kori Hudson said...

LOVE the monkey shot, and the framed art in his room... Great stuff! Gavin's adorable! : )