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Happy Valentine's Day...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

No big Valentine's Day plans for us this year. Although, hopefully next weekend we'll be able to have some Grandma baby sitting and get a table a Cheevers for a couple hours. At any rate, the love of my life deserves at least a honorary blogpost on Valentines Day. I thought I'd share a poem I wrote for Katie, it communicates my love for her in a very real way...

Dearest Katie...
I love you like the wind loves the plains,
like the desert loves the rains,
like construction workers loves cranes,
like Brittany Spears loves fame,
like Jonah love trains,
like a heart loves veins,
like a vulture loves remains,
like a farmer loves grains,
like a presidential candidate loves campaigns,
like Viktor YUSHCHENKO loves Ukraine,
like clorox bleach loves stains,
like constipation loves strains,
like "world" loves "wayne's" "
Thats all I can think of, I love you Katie!
tiny signature.jpg

Here she is in all her beauty...

hawt wife.jpg

Photos coutresy of Caramel Zoch,






Mike said...

Absolutely sickening!


realolivegreen said...

She is the best.

scott and jessica said...

seeing as though we have helped you cross out a "to do" task, we thought the favor could be returned by allowing us to use your little ditty of love as our wedding vows...

however, we will need artistic control in order to add in a few much needed gems...

like magic loves david blaine
like stephen king loves maine
like rappers love t-pain
like westminster loves the great dane
like michael jordan loves his hanes
like p diddy loves danity kane
like josh brolin loves diane lane

seriously, this could go on for days...

we will stop here though...

great to finally meet you!