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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's been an amazing couple of weeks! As we draw closer to wedding season, Katie and I are trying frantically to get into a routine with this little guy around. Once wedding season hits, we'll be on the move quite a bit so we are enjoying every moment of down time we have now.
I wanted to take the chance to thank a few people for their love, friendship and amazing kindness. Since we've been home we have had so many emails, facebook messages, gifts, well wishes and meals thats it's almost hard to keep track of. I know that sounds crazy but we are so blessed to have so many amazing people around us that want to celebrate this time with us!
I can't even begin to tell you how lucky we are to have both of our families close. Both our Moms have given us the opportunity to catch a few hours of sleep on more than one occasion. Thanks Moms, you're the best grandmas Gavin could wish for!
And don't get me started on our friends the Zochs, who are most definitely family to us. They've fed us so many times in the last couple weeks that we've lost count. Thanks Zochs, we love sharing life with you guys!
I thought I'd blog just a couple more instances of kindness that we've enjoyed in the past couple weeks....
If you follow the OKC photography world, then it's no surprise to you that we have an an amazing lifestyle portrait photographer right in our own backyard. Beth Jansen and I first met when she sent Jami Smith-King my way for wedding photography. We've chatted it up over the past few months and she's an amazing gal! I love her style, her colors and her eye and I'm sure you will too, make sure you check out her blog!
She had the three of us over to her house to shoot some uber-cute portraits of Gavin. I love these!








I'm sure you've seen me blog about my wingman Aaron Snow. Aaron is a incredible wedding photographer here in OKC and a pretty decent guy ; ) . We love Aaron, Jenn and their little guys Sam. They're a very cool family and we're lucky to have them as friends. You can get to know them at Aaron's blog.
I was amazed when Aaron and Jenn dropped off a very sweet hand made gift for Gavin. Jenn made us these awesome cupcakes from her custom bakery business. They were beyond delicious and lasted about 3 minutes!



She also hand made some sweet baby gear for Gavin, check this out! Pretty amazing huh? Thanks so much you guys, we LOVE the cupcakes and use the baby gear every day! You guys are the cat's pajamas!



Last but not least is my great friend Todd of Beautiful Day Images. Todd has been such a good friend over the past couple years as I've experienced the growing pains of the photography business. I always respect his opinion and his imagery. Todd and his family, Anna and Elaina, stopped by and brought us a hand crafted Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza. It was legit! I'd never had a true deep dish before, epecially one that was handmade by a real nothererner! It was crazy good! Get to know the Balljes at Todds blog, they're awesome peeps! Unfortunately, we devoured our custom pie so hastily that I didn't even get to photograph it. But I couldn't let Todd's kindness go without a photo thanking him.
Thanks Bajjles, your friendship is so meaningful to us!
it's not deliver, it's beautiful.jpg

Thats all for now, I'm back to editing with one hand and changing diapers with the other! Thanks again to everyone for your well wishes and prayers, we are blessed to count you as friends!

to life!
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Beautiful Day Images said...

oh dear god
that is a hairy version of me. and one that says, this is going to be one darn good pizza!

glad you loved it. i am certainly an apprentice in training when it comes to deep dish

mas congrats to you guys. Gavin is a stud! and a little cutie at the same time.

wonderful pics beth. muy muy muy bueno!

Amanda said...

oh my gosh, he is beautiful! and i love style of the pictures-ultra cool.

Team Honnoll said...

Gavin looks so cute! He has changed so much already! :)

Anonymous said...

goodness he is beautiful! I love love love the one on the scale and the one on the green case. Gorgeous, Beth!! That spikey hairdo rocks!! I'm so glad you have all those friends taking care of you...I wish we could be there too!

realolivegreen said...

You know we're happy to feed you anytime! Love the pics of Gavin...

leanna jackson said...

wow, i am a lot bit jealous of those baby pictures. they're phenomenal. that first one makes him look so tiny.