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Monday, January 12, 2009


Incase you didn't know, I'm the oldest of 4 kids in our family. I'm 26, Zack is 21, Kaleb is 18 and Hope is almost 8. I absolutely love my family. Since I was about 13 our family has been involved in some type of church life, we love our church and the community we've found there. Last summer my parents and brothers spent some time in Africa helping people and they all came back changed. We've all been on a handful of mission trips to places like Mexico, Guatamala, Peru but for some reason Africa was different. They came back with amazing stories and a different type of motivation to do what they can to make life better for the people there. Zack's taking the next 5 months to try and change life for the children in Uganda. If you've ever heard of Invisible Children you know the situation that been going on in Uganda for years. Rebel leaders abduct and brainwash children from the villages and force them to fight in a rebel army. They are called the "invisible children" because each night all the children have to hide in the bigger cities to avoid the rebel army. It's still shocking to me that in 2009, there are places in the world where such horrible and rudimentary things can go on. My brother Zack is going to intern with IC for a few months to spread the story of these kids and raise money and awareness in the hopes of changing the situation in Uganda. Some of you may know that I have a degree in theology and I worked as a youth pastor for 3 years before starting by business. I normally don't advertise that or get too religious on the blog here. But I'm so proud of Zack for choosing to spend his time and the resources he has to seek peace and justice for the helpless. I'm challenged by the fact that he's concentrating every day and every dollar he has to make life better for someone else. I think that's awesome.

Here's a video about what Zack is doing, I'm a little jealous!

Some links where you can learn more about Invisible Children and the situation in Uganda.

Invisible Children.com

the latest news about Uganda




Ashley said...

Awesome. Simply awesome. I have 3 boys - I can only imagine the thrill of your parents as they watch their sons use their lives in such remarkable ways. So glad you posted this...

Debbi said...

awwwww, my sweet babies.
There is just no way to describe what an awesome life it is to be my kids mom. Easy, you ask? No flippin way :) Lots of heartache, fatigue, frustration, confusion and certainly mistakes... but when it is good, it is over-the-top good. The pure joy in watching your offspring live life with purpose, be loved and love others is more than anyone can ask or imagine. We are incredibly proud of Zack (and Josh, Katie, Kaleb and Hope)... and love to watch these kids care for others and make the world a better place... on earth as it is in heaven.
These are good days.

Kimberly H said...

Africa seemed to be different for me as well. I've been to several different places on missions trips, and Zambia just seemed to stick with me. Maybe because we got to interact more with the amazing people. I'm sure the next few months will be beyond amazing for Zack!

Katrina 'Wood' Honnoll said...

this is so awesome. we'll be praying for Zach and the efforts of the whole project. And I think you're whole family is WAAAY cool- esp your mom. (is that zach or dale in the last pic?!)