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Tommy & Lindsey...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well I've gotta hand it to you all for chiming in on the contest to guess baby Gavin's birthday! You've commented like nobody's biz. (pat on the back) If you haven't ventured a guess, make your way over there and put in your two cents! We had an appointment with the doc yesterday and things are holdin steady. Katie is at 36 1/2 weeks now so it's getting down to the wire, it's anybody's game now!

I also forgot to announce who we selected for the "Giving is Awesome" giveaway that we did for Christmas. We chose a family from OKC who has a young daughter who underwent a heart transplant when she was only 3 months old. She is 3 years old now and has good health. But, because of her heart transplant and other complications, she has to have at least one major surgery a year. As you can imagine, they have a pretty substantial burden with all of the medical bills and wouldn't likely ever invest in family portraits. After talking to the family on the phone I get the sense that she is a very special little gal and I'm looking forward to photographing their family. As part of the giveaway they'll receive a coffee table book and a huge stretched canvas of their favorite shot to hang in their home. I'm pretty excited to give them that!

So, on to the photos! Meet Tommy and Lindsey, they are such a fun couple. We did a half and half session with them to make sure we got in all the spots that are important to their relationship. They're OSU people so we did part of their session on campus in Stillwater and the other half in downtown OKC. I'm all for giving people a wide variety of looks. Thanks to Tommy and Lindsey for being such great clients, I'm looking forward to the wedding!

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laura Muehlendorf said...

amazing pictures as always josh! this couple is so cute! i really love the last two. so sweet.

Cameron Ingalls said...

Awesome work! Glad to see another Arrested Development fan out there. Love that you live in OK. Some of my favorite people live in OKC! Much love!