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Tree and Leaf Clothing

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here are a handful of the images from our shoot with Tree & Leaf Clothing. As much as I love shooting this commercial stuff, I never anticipated how much work was involved on the back end. The sorting and processing for these images is completely different than my normal natural light photos. I loved the whole process and plan on picking up some more commercial jobs soon, it's way fun!

I also want to take the chance to give a shout out to my intern Jon Ervin, my friends Kaleb, Brian and Macall for helping out on the shoot and our stylist Christina McCullough.
And of course all the models were beyond awesome! It was actually snowing a little bit during our first session in the morning. They were always willing to crawl out of the warm limo to stand in a tshirt while we all had coats on!
Not to mention John, Dusty, Bryson and Caleb from Tree & Leaf...those guys are cool cats. If you wear clothes, you need to go to their store!
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These are the masterminds behind Tree & Leaf. Bryson the marketer, John the numbers guy and Dusty the artist.


/ todd scott ballje said...

these are beyond awesome! congrats to all involved!

Ryan said...

That is absolutely incredible. You are at a whole 'nother level now. Reminds me a lot of Chase Jarvis.

Jacquelyn said...

GREAT photos!

John "Kato" Akingbola AKA Mr.Sticks said...

Very well done Josh. You nailed it big time!

Eamonn said...

I really really like these shots.

I watched the video too, really interesting. I've only just found your blog so forgive me if this is common knowledge amongst your readers, but what sort of kit where you using for this shoot? By the looks a D300/D700 with 70-200VR and a 24-70mm ?


Micah and Sunny said...

Those are incredibly amazing images. Just incredible. Love the t's..totally heading over there to do a little Christmas shopping.

Josh McCullock Photography said...

thanks for your comment Eammon
You were very close. I use a Nikon D3. I think most of the day I stuck with the 70-200VR and 24-70. Those are two very sharp lenses and I've been amazed at the detail in FX sensor. I love Nikon!

abby coyle photography said...

I love Nikon too! I'm afraid we are a rare species in the SLR world...at least in Oklahoma! Everyone I know has a Canon 5D.
Again, amazing job on the shoot. You are extremely talented!

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

Josh these are incredible! So visually stunning- they really pop! My fave is the 3rd... it just jumped out at me.

Brandt said...

dude, those are fantastic....

leanna jackson said...

mmm canon 5d.
i only dream of such cameras.

and that would be amazing if i could afford it, i fell in love with you & carl's skills at jeff & allison white's wedding. at least i'm pretty sure it was the two of you...

leanna jackson said...

oh, and the tree and leaf shoot = holy crap-level good!

Zellers said...

Hey josh, found your site through my sister's blog (ashleyannphotography) and just wanted to give you a shout out! Your work is amazing! I love the treatment you used and am now interested in Tree & Leaf! thanks

Katherine Bowman said...

What did you do for lightening with these photos? i love them!

Kris said...

Dude, I LOVE your work. I have a lot to learn from your work. Thanks for the inspiration

Poser said...

fantasitc. great processing. we should pontificate!