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it's monday...

Monday, December 8, 2008

but not just any monday, it's the first Monday after not shooting a wedding the Saturday before! Now that December is here the weddings are slowing down and I get a little more "me time"! Actually, I get a lot more "mac time"...the next few months will be spent designing albums and books from all our weddings.(sorry for the cheesy jokes, I'm practicing to be a Dad) By the time spring rolls around I'll be ready to throw my computer into a lake and shoot again! If you are a wedding client, make sure you add "talk to Josh about our wedding album" to your to-do list before christmas! The sooner we chat, the higher you will be on the list to get your design concept soon! Click here for some more info on the album process.

I'm also taking a couple days to refresh the photos on the website. It's so hard to narrow down thousands of photos to less than a hundred. Maybe I'll ask Katie to do that part for me : )

Baby update... Gavin will be here is less than 2 months! Katie is 32 weeks and getting bigger by the day. Everything has been great so far, we had two baby showers last week and hauled home an insane amount of baby paraphenalia. Gavin's room is almost done and looking like a sweet, retro lounge for cool artistic babies to hang out. We are so excited for this huge change that is about to happen. It's amazing how when life changes, your hopes and expectations for life tend to change as well. I've never been more excited about change. We feel so fortunate to have such great family and friends around us to share it with!

And, because this is a photo-blog here are a couple moments from Justin & Jami's wedding weeks ago...

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Adam Tyler Paseman said...

Love the tonality in these pictures!

Whitney said...

i expect to see pictures of this retro baby lounge. pleeease!