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thats my boy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We had an awesome experience today! We got to watch Gavin wiggle around for about a half hour at the new 3D ultrasound place called Miracle Within Ultrasound in Edmond.
I was pretty impressed with the technology that allowed us to see images from inside the womb. It's not perfect, but it's far better than the old black and white version.
I guess Gavin was in the middle of a nap because he hardly gave us a clear view of his face. He kept covering his face with his hands and feet. It was pretty funny. But, we did get a couple smiles and got to see him squeezing his cheeks. If you watch till the end you'll see that part.
I edited the 30 minute video down and sped it up so I could have it on my iPhone and couldn't find a good reason to not blog it too!If you're prego, you should most definitely make a trip to the Miracle Within, they're cool!
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baby Gavin in 3D! from joshmccullock on Vimeo.





Carl Zoch said...

YES. This is awesome! Congrats man :)

Todd & Anna said...

AMAZING! Congrats Josh and Katie!

realolivegreen said...

cute little cheek pincher! i think his nose is really cute.

Team Honnoll said...

love his little hands! can't wait to meet him!!

leanna jackson said...

a baby!!
congratulations :)

i loved watching my son on the ultrasounds. it's the best ever. almost as good as watching him in real life.

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