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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Every man has a special bond with his dog. It's a guy thing.
Ringo has been with me just about every day for the past 3 years, I raised him from 8 weeks old...underneath my desk at my day job.
He has backpacked with me,
mountain biked with me (...except he ran),
napped with me,
ran countless 5ks with me,
sat in silence by me,
camped with me,
road-tripped with me,
most of all, he has always stayed by me. Even when I leave the gate open I come home to him sleeping on the front porch.

I couldn't ask for a better dog.
I've always adored the work of William Wegman. He's a quirky fine art and portrait artist that made the Weimaraner a cult classic through his work with his own Weims. His Weims were also featured on Sesame Street in the late 80s, which was without a doubt very formative for me.
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Deann B. said...

Wow... Weims are my favorite breed and you have certainly done him justice.

Mike said...

Such a sad wisdom he shows in his eyes.
Are you sure your dog isn't Buddha?

Team Honnoll said...

I love Ringo!!! He looks so mature in these pics... all grown up, laid back. I'm jealous... wanna trade? jk.