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Andrew & Amy are engaged!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rewind to the year 2000... I was a freshman in college and helped out at a local church with the youth group.I primarily stuck with the dudes and played alot of dodgeball, but I did meet Amy back then, who was just a middle school gal. I still think fondly on those days. I can't say that I taught the those middle school kids anything useful or worthwhile, other than how to car surf on a church van, but we made some awesome memories! Fast forward 8 years, Amy had found herself a dashing gentleman, the incomparable Andrew Schlecht, and they are betrothed!!!
I'm so happy for these two, they truly are an amazing couple!
ps. I hope you're ready to scroll, I quite possibly over-blogged this session but who's counting!

Congrats Andrew & Amy!
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~abi~ said...

you should over-blog every session! these are so fun and adorable--with great light! what more could you ask for? :)

thomas riffey said...

yeah, so remember when i left SNU? I picked up Andrew in a small group at the church i was working at. The Lakers shot is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too appropriate. Awesome work on 'em though man.

realolivegreen said...

I love these two. Schlecht Schlecht (Andrew) is HILARIOUS and putting Amy with him is twice the laughs. They are both stylin' in these pics. Love it.

Amy Knippers said...

We love the pictures and had so much fun! Andrew and I felt so comfortable to be ourselves. Thanks for helping make it such an awesome time. I remember when you taught the boys in youth group to car surf! That's hilarious. I was happy to know know you then and Andrew and I are so thankful to know you and your beautiful wife Katie now! You guys are GREAT! Thanks Josh!!!

Shelby White said...

The 6th set down and the lakers set are amazing shots!

Keep up the great work!

Beth Jansen said...

lovin these, Josh :) Your style is SO refreshing... AND HEY, we got our STELLA - let's go ridin... :)