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3 prego ladies and their husbands doing crafts...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Katie and I have two really close couple friends that are prego as well, so tonight we had an impromtu "make your own onesies" night at the house. It was great!


Kam and I lived together during college and we made our share of custom t-shirts. We know what we're doin.



The final products... ( From left to right. McCullocks, Hills, Honnolls)
We actually set up the Scrabble board and photographed it for that onesie. We don't play!

we decided to go unisex so our mystery baby could rock either one of these stylish designs...

I thought I'd include this mysterious portrait of Ringo. He really prefers this Rembrandt sytle portraiture lighting, it suits him.

thats all, have a great holiday weekend!
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Team Honnoll said...

fun stuff! can't wait till Benjamin gets to wear his little 'bodysuits'! ha ha!

dr. K said...

cute outfits! can't wait to see them on the babies!

Mike said...

I knew it would happen!

This blog just reached unsafe levels of cuteness.

You know that expression "jumped the shark?"

I'm going to coin a new one--"made the onesie."

Dave and Rob said...

Man, thats a sweet Idea! I'm diggin the Team Honnoll gear too... thats some serious branding right there!! Ringo in the glasses was awesome, but scrabble was FTW!

Kelly Beane said...

what a FUN idea! thanks for a few extra onesie ideas. :)

Amelia . Lyon said...

Tooooo Cute! Can I hire you guys to make me some the next time I have a baby!!!??