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Kids say the darndest things!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Well, as I said earlier, it's been a crazy couple weeks! Katie and I are babysitting my 7 year old sister Hope for the week while the rest of my fam is in Africa making the world a better place. So...Hope comes home from VBS tonight and finds me working on this ad below for the Perfect Wedding Guide and starts to read...I thought I'd share it.


I love kids... especially her!

grace and peace,




live compassionately said...

this is soooo cute - I love Hopie! :)

Debbi said...

The best commercial ever!
Hope is of course so purly fresh... fun... real too, just like her bubby!
It is also so preciously perfect to hear you say"sound it out"... I remember saying that to you about a million times.
I love you.
You and Katie are going to make great parents to my grandbabies someday... thanks for everything.
From Africa, and back home again...