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Sunday, May 4, 2008

This weekend and next weekend are the calm before the storm for Katie and I. Starting with John & Julie's wedding on the 17th, we will bacically be shooting straight through to the end of August! I'm so happy and grateful for all the awesome clients we are able to work with this season, it's gonna be great!
But in the mean time, I've been working hard on getting Kevin & Morgan's wedding from last weekend edited and I needed a change of pace. So when Thomas came by with his new ride, I jumped on the chance for a quick photoshoot of Thomas on his hog. Prepare to laugh.

DSC_1248 copy.jpg

looking tough,

DSC_1130 copy.jpg

big cheese.

DSC_1115 copy.jpg

I noticed this one is actually a self-portrait, can you find me in the shot?

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