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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hey friends!
I wanted to share something with everyone. This is a song we sang at church last week and the lyrics were so true and poignant that I had to share them. It's a fresh version of an old hymn that speaks about the role of the church to bring peace, justice and friendship to those around us. Leave a comment with your thoughts...

Wounded world that cries for healing—
Here we hold each other’s pain,
Wounded systems, bruised and bleeding
Bear the load, the scars of strain;

Dollars ration our compassion,
Hard decisions rule the day,
Jesus of the healing Spirit,
Free us to another way!

Through our nation’s spent frustration,
Through the corridors of stress
May there move a kindlier wisdom
All may feel, and all may bless;

Tax and tithe are for a purpose
Shared to shield the poor and weak;
Past the symptoms of our sickness
Let the voice of justice speak.

Honor those whose loving spirit
Nurses hope, restores and heals,
Towel and basin used in service
Like the Christ who comes and kneels;

In the tending, in the mending
May we see the right and fair,
In our common quest for wholeness
Heal each other by our care.

- Shirley Erena Murray

grace and peace

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