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The great outdoors.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lowes took some more of my money today! Something about buying a house makes you think you need things from this place, I can't explain it. As you know Katie and I purchased our first home ever this year, in November to be precise. In four years of marriage we have never owned our own mower. Keep in mind I was a youth pastor for 3 of those years and had considerable influence on a handful of teenage guys, needless to say my yard was always well kept.
But today, with the 80 degrees of goodness in the air, combined with the fact that I haven't worked out in two weeks, I felt like I needed to be outside. So I decided the time has come to man up and get some lawn stuff. So that we did.
DSC_0884 copy.jpg

(ridiculous side note: I plan to get the edger and blower attachemts for that trimmer very soon! Thats right! )

But before I leveled yard with this new beast I couldn't help but take some pictures of the wildflowers that have taken over the yard.
DSC_0910 copy.jpg

DSC_0961 copy.jpg

DSC_0970 copy copy.jpg

I think I robbed Ringo of his favorite napping spot too. I'm sure he'll get over it, he seems to be able to nap anywhere.
DSC_0950 copy.jpg

thats all for now, grace and peace.


live compassionately said...

I really like that picture right above Ringo - it's very green! Another one I would purchase and frame... :)

thomas riffey said...

dang man. the new layout looks great. T need some pointers sometime, because I'm not always sure of what I'm doing on that front. . .

my yard is a very love/hate kind of thing. I want it green, but my landlord's a slacker and never brought over the sod that he was supposed to do like a year ago in the back. . . our yard in the back sucks.

but seeding is a fantastic venture. I seeded the front last fall, and it's looking pretty alright.

we need to hang out soon.