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Hunter Harris : Senior 08

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Heres a few shots of a Hunter, he's a senior at Bethany and quite the cool cat! He was so laid back during our session, which made things super easy. The light was great that afternoon and kept getting better as the evening went on...I ended up taking way too many shots but they were turning out great so I couldn't help it! The whole time I couldn't help but think how much senior portraits have changed since I was in high school. All my portraits involved a flaming football, a HUGE "2000" or my letter jacket...wow. Our photographer even had me post up the Uncle Rico pose with the hand under the chin to show off my class ring! Classic!

1 comment:

shannon paige said...

will you PLEASE make SOMEONE do the uncle rico shot? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

p.s. - my personal fav. sr. pic was one of solid white background, a black dress and me looking off with a smile, as though i knew something the rest of the world had yet to find out.