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Tree & Leaf Clothing Shoot - behind the scenes video

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A couple weeks ago on a coooold Saturday I had the chance to collaborate with a bunch of other creative types from the 405. We pulled out all the stops and spent the entire day shooting in various spots around the city, making images for Tree & Leaf Clothing's new line of shirts. After shooting 40 weddings this year, this was a great change of pace! I hope to have some final images to post soon, but for now here is a little behind the scenes footage that my good buddy Brian Lawes put together! We had almost 20 people collaborating on this project and it all came together awesomely! (is that a word)
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Tree & Leaf Clothing Shoot - behind the scene from joshmccullock on Vimeo.

ps. that wicked beat that is now stuck in your head is "Da Funk" by Daft Punk


Carl Zoch said...

this is sick man! you're my hero.

Aaron said...

I happen to be on Carl's side here...that was TIGHT! When does your figurine/bobble head come out? Great job on the video Brian.

laura Muehlendorf said...

that freaking rocks josh! amazing! i can't wait to see all of the final pics. AMAZING!!!!

Ryan said...

That is absolutely incredible. You are at a whole 'nother level now. Reminds me a lot of Chase Jarvis.

curtisleefarmer said...

Faaaaantastic! Pocket wizards...strobes...limos... you are a rockstar! Absolutely incredible stuff, man.

sarah rhoads said...

hello Josh. i am talking to carl on i chat and he sent me your goodies. great work on the shoot my friend. some of those people are my buddies from when I used to live back in okie. keep on keepin on