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Justin & Jami are engaged! (and awesome)

Friday, October 10, 2008

I had a chance to shoot these two monday evening, and let me tell ya, it was sheer joy. Although it was cloudy, rainy and at some points overtly cheesy, we came away with some utterly personal and fun images of Justin & Jami. I'm really excited to shoot their wedding next month, if it's half as fun as this session was I'll be beside myself.

Justin & Jami, thanks for being super clients, I can't wait for your nuptials!
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oh yea, incase you didn't know...Jami is a famous musician, doubly awesome.


Carl Zoch said...

CHyea! These are most excellent.

Beth Jansen said...

YEA!! Glad it's YOU able to shoot them...they'll be so pleased!

Kelly Beane said...

Jami Smith! She did the music for our youth revival in high school (FBC Altus, OK). That's very cool! The textures & colors in these images are awesome!

Megan Robbins said...

what actions and textures do you use? I really like them!