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and now for something completely different!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow, this is a big week for me. And there is no better way to start an important week, than with a nice hearty breakfast.
Last night after Kaleo we joined some friends over at the Smith's house for an awesome dose of "breakfast for dinner". It's like a typical group dinner with a splash of excitement....because its breakfast food! Crazy, I know!

We totally got crazy with the Rock Band too, we don't play around!

breakfast for dinner from joshmccullock on Vimeo.

Carl and I recorded this on the new Nikon D90 that takes HD video...nerdtastic!


Mike said...

I don't think rock n' roll music has ever made sausage more sexy!

thomas riffey said...


that's pretty intense.

Cassidy Dawn said...

i love breakfast for dinner!

Megan Robbins said...

are you the male equalvint to me?!?! first breakfast for dinner, then rock band!

thanks for sharing the D90 video's, makes me want to get one!