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Friday, September 5, 2008

If you have anything to do with weddings, photography, or both you know that when it comes to wedding photography the buzzword is "photojournalism". It's been this way for years, as the industry has changed so have the hot terms and how people describe what they want. I get lots of questions about my approach to weddings and I try not to use the term "photojournalism" because it's not really my approach. If I were a photojournalist, I'd never talk to my clients, give them direction throughout the day or try to influence the shot in any way. My clients can tell you thats not the case at all. I'm always scouring for the best environment for a series or giving subtle direction on a wedding day. When you mix a couple's natural personality with great light; thats a recipe for a killer photo! With that said, I LOVE the moments that naturally happen, and I can capture them just as they are without any direction at all. It's icing on the cake when the light and environment contribute to the photo. Take this moment below for example. We had just finished up with Kyle and Laura's wedding party photos on the lawn of the Oklahoma History Museum and we were all headed in to check out the reception decor. They had a quick conversation as they walked up these huge, dramatic stairs. Just the two of them not long before they became husband and wife... no doubt a moment they'll want to remember.


PS...They got married August 23rd, which means I'm caught up! Whammy!
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Dave and Rob said...

Beautiful shot... I dig architectural backgrounds!

Stout Photography said...

OMG! You just read my mind about the whole "photojournalist wedding photographer" phasade! It drives me batty when photographers describe their work that way and couples eat it up! When in reality, they would freak out if you told them you'd be giving them no direction and just capturing their day as it happens...refusing any formal portraits, etc.! YOU ROCK!