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It's a boy!!! (updated)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well now our baby finally has a partial identity, and is no longer referred to as "Cleatus the Fetus". Although we haven't made the final decision on a name yet, it's nice to know it's a "he" and not just "baby". We had the Fam over for a celebration dinner, spaghetti and meatballs (get it? ) I love toasting, L'Chaim!


So now we're "those parents" ... Katie and I had a short shopping trip just to get some boy clothes. It was fun seeing all the mini clothes! Here's what we ended up with.

Had to get some kicks to match Dad's!!!


Baby Gap...mini clothes, mini tags, mini bag. Not mini prices : ) We couldn't resist!

Pretty obvious too :)


Carl Zoch said...

CHYEAAAAAA!! Congrats buddy

/ todd scott ballje said...

yeah baby! thats awesome! He has been blogged at minus 20 weeks. Maybe a record.

Congrats to you and Katie!

Dave and Rob said...

Awesome!!! When mine came back like that "obvious" for my son, I said "Well, no need for a paternity test!" It was the first time the doctor had heard that.

jenn said...

That is awesome!

thomas riffey said...

nice man. let me know when you're ready to go 3D style on your ultrasound. I've got a good & cheap place to go. and it's AWESOME.

way to be on the boy though man. quality.

Anonymous said...

congrats! - doc

~abi~ said...

so cool! luv the clothes--he will be a stylin' boy! :)

Team Honnoll said...

congrats again on the little bundle of BOY! love his little duds!!

Amanda said...

congrats! i can say from personal experience that boys are the best.