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introducing baby Benjamin!

Friday, September 26, 2008

If you follow my status on Twitter, as you should, you know our great friends Clint & Kat had their boy a week ago. We go waaay back with the Honnolls and they are cherished friends to us! So, I was honored when I got a chance to photograph Benjamin last night. As my first newborn session I didn't know what to expect but he was a trooper and only turned bright red on me once : ) I did these with two fixed lenses, one window and a reflector about the size of Benjamin's room held by his Dad (thanks Clint). I knew he was going to be a cute kid, but I wasn't ready for the cuteness overload! Maybe it's just my baby fever kicking in but I loved these shots!

Congrats Clint & Kat, we love you!
tiny signature.jpg
my favorite shot from the evening...

that shape reminds me of Kat's belly about a week ago...

the many faces of Benjamin...

new Photoshop technique I came up with today, I'm calling it "grandma's camera"






/ todd scott ballje said...

those are great Josh
the first 3 are amazing! congrats Clint & Kat!

Rochelle said...

He is such a doll! These are great pics!

realolivegreen said...

love them (pics) and love them (honnolls)!!!

Team Honnoll said...

My sweet baby! The pics look amazing, Josh! I can't stop looking at them. Thanks again! Baby Benjamin loves Uncle Josh!

Rae Newlin said...

I am amazed at your pictures! Baby Benjamin is adorable (sure that made you picture taking easier). You are very talented