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I love my brother Leb...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

well...his real name is Kaleb. He got that name from my college roommate Steven. Funny story...we were moving our stuff into the dorm freshman year (2000...geez I'm old) When Leb, a short, squatty 4th grader walked up to Steve and gave him his sunglasses. He said, "Here Steven, you can have these..." Steve simply said, "Well thanks Leb, thats real nice of ya!" It was pretty random, but Leb has always been a sharing person, which is odd growing up with two brothers....
Anyway, Leb is all grown up and ready for Senior Portraits! We had a good time shooting these tonight. Despite the menacing clouds, we came away with some fun shots! I've been on this kick of shooting portrait session with only one lens lately, it make me think a little more. This session was with the 35mm f2. Like butta!

love ya Kaleb!
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Carl Zoch said...

these are tight man! I love me some Leb, too