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perhaps the coolest thing I've ever blogged....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First comes love...
first comes love.jpg

then comes marriage...
then comes marriage.jpg

then comes the baby in the baby carriage!!!

SHYEA! We're having a baby! Its way exciting and scary at the same time. I figured I would try to answer all the questions we've been asked so far, just so you're informed...
Q: boy or girl?
A: we don't know yet, we're only at 9 weeks. I'm have been hoping for a boy until I heard this song. Now I kinda want a girl : )

Q:do you have names yet?
A:Yep, we've had them for awhile actually...
boy - Gavin or Jude
girl - Lilly or Hannah

Q:How's the pregnancy been?
A:Great for me! ; ) Just kidding, Katie hasn't been sick much, just really sleepy and often really hot.
She's been a trooper at weddings too!

Ultrasounds are not exactly high resolution so heres a breakdown of what you're looking at....
then comes the baby.jpg

Our doc says theres no way those are eyes or a smile but hey, thats just one medical opinion ;)
Those are the hands though!

More pictures to come soon!!!



laura kay photography said...

sooooo exciting! congrats to both of you guys!!!

/ todd scott ballje said...

Perhaps? ha Even though I already knew, that is so super exciting. Congrats Josh and Katie!!!

I'm gonna vote for a girl. Then you can get turned to total mush like me :)

Love the names!

grace, peace and health to all three of you in the coming months.

/ todd, anna & elaina

jenn said...

That is SO VERY AWESOME! you two are going to have a beautiful child! :)

Congratulations!! :)

Huntington Photography said...

Congrats man!! Paige and I are happy and excited for you guys!! God bless to your both

Katie said...

Hey Josh & Katie! Of course you're having a smiley face :) baby...who would expect anything less! Congratulations, our best wishes for you all. Enjoy every moment!

Katie Harlin & Debbe Fogle

P.S. My dog's name is Lilly...suprised?!

thomas riffey said...

hey man, congrats on the news! looks like we may be inducing next week. should be fun... : )

gimme a buzz sometime and we can grab coffee. i'll show you the coolest/goofiest baby book ever sometime.


jeffnewsom said...

Amazing, Good to have someone to share the Awesome with. Congratulations!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...


Marty Michelson said...


Jeff said...

Congrats. You guys need to sign up for the 3D ultrasounds. It is only $10 at the place we went, but they have a long waiting period. Gin can give you guys the #. Get some sleep while you can. Peace.

Amanda said...

that is so exciting! congratulations!

Julie said...

wow!!Congratulations! boy or girl it will be beautiful...my mom actually told me you posted this on your blog so I had to check it out for myself. Our entire family is so excited for you and Katie!