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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ok, so the weather is nice, and has been for a couple days now. You've probably seen numerous people in your neighborhood out walking around and enjoying the warm weather. I've noticed that us folks in Oklahoma know how to enjoy the warm weather when it's here. Perhaps because we know it could drop 30 degrees any minute!

Well the warm weather has gotten to us too! This week Katie & I finally took the plunge and got the scooter we've wanted for over a year now! We got it from Atomic Brown, a super cool scooter shop on Western Ave. here in OKC. The owners Steve & Pam are SO nice. Infact, the first scooter we bought was a little too small for us so they told us to swap it out for a completely new one. They've been around awhile now and know their stuff. If you are in the market for a scooter or a vintage motorcycle you have to go check them out! You can see their website here

I took a few shots while our scooter was getting gassed up for the maiden voyage...

AW bridal-1 copy.jpg

AW bridal-2 copy.jpg

AW bridal-3 copy.jpg

AW bridal-4 copy.jpg

AW bridal-7.jpg

AW bridal-5 copy.jpg

AW bridal-6 copy.jpg

AW bridal-9 copy.jpg

AW bridal-8 copy.jpg

By the way, we just got home from a wedding and turned on the tv only to see a News 9 special on Atomic Brown! What are the odds! I've been reading a stupid amount of history on scooters in the last week. For instance, did you know that the Bajaj scooter company is credited with the rise of the middle class in India. And that the Piaggo (maker of the Vespa) gave India their designs to help their society rise out of poverty. Did you also know that the Bajaj scooter is the cleanest 2 wheel gas vehicle on the planet! Ok, enough scooter facts for tonight. I would cite my sources on these things, but I'm not in college anymore!

thats all,

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Anonymous said...

You have a cool scooter and a weimaraner, you've got to do a shoot with the two of them together. By the way I think all couples should be required to rent "Zoolander" to practice "blue steel" and "magnum".