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Les & Chelsea's Wedding

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On the 15th of March Katie and I took a little road trip out to Reydon Oklahoma to cover Les & Chelsea's awesome wedding. These two are so in love, and such genuine and kind people! Infact Mr. & Mrs. Thomas (Chelsea's parents) insisted that we sit down and eat during the reception! We always get taken care of by our clients, but that was a suprise and meant alot to us.

Les & Chelsea, thanks for allowing us to capture your special day, it was our pleasure! Wish you the best of luck!

peace be with you,

DSC_7118 copy.jpg

DSC_7131 copy.jpg

DSC_7219 copy.jpg

DSC_7206 copy.jpg

DSC_8119 copy.jpg

DSC_7248 copy.jpg

DSC_7471 copy.jpg

DSC_7504 copy.jpg

DSC_7375 copy.jpg

DSC_7395 copy.jpg

DSC_7309 copy.jpg

DSC_8135 copy.jpg

DSC_7676 copy.jpg

DSC_7777 copy.jpg

DSC_7900 copy

DSC_8158 copy.jpg

DSC_8142 copy.jpg

DSC_8935-1 copy.jpg

DSC_8426 copy.jpg

DSC_8420 copy.jpg

DSC_8484-1 copy.jpg

DSC_8522-1 copy.jpg

DSC_8646 copy.jpg

DSC_9020-1 copy.jpg

DSC_8875 copy.jpg

DSC_8754 copy.jpg

DSC_8965 copy.jpg

DSC_9214 copy.jpg

click here to watch their slideshow!

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Mike said...

Good Lord! These are some gorgeous photos, my friend!

Thanks a lot for making me cry! :-P