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Amanda's bridal session

Friday, March 14, 2008

So Grant and Amanda are married now so I can let this session out of the bag! It turns out I really like shooting bridal sessions. It helps me get to know the bride and helps her get to know how I work as a photographer. We shot this session in the state capitol in Midtown OKC. It a beautiful place and I was really excited to shoot there...until I showed up. When my assistant & I walked in all the lights were off and there were tables and chairs all over the place! Being laid back like I am....I freaked! Luckily, I was there an hour early, so we had plenty of time to push the chairs and tables out of our way and test my lighting to see what I had to work with.

When it comes to portraits, I try to give each bride and groom something different and personal. Amanda was looking for something very fresh and clean, so I approached her session almost like a fashion shoot. I think we came away with some good stuff. I have a couple more of these bridal sessions I can't wait to share, I just can't let them out of the bag yet!

check back for a post about Grant & Amanda's beautiful wedding!










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