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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We got our sample album in from Matt & Julie's wedding. I snapped a few to show you how completely awesome these new flush mount albums are. Heres the skinny on our album offerings for this season...

We custom design each album to suit your style. You get to review the layout, make changes, pick colors, ect.

They are covered in super soft leather that comes in 8 colors!

Feature flush mount pages that make the 2 page spreads look amazing!

Best of all...they tell the story of YOUR wedding day in a beautiful way!

Album prices for the 2008 wedding season
8x8 $900
10x10 $1000 (shown here)
12x12 $1100

If we shot your wedding within the last two years, you aren't left out. It's not to late to get a design started for ya. Just shoot me an email or give me a call anytime!












thomas riffey said...

wow man, those look fantastic! how the heck are you putting those together? photoshop? stuff looks awesome man, and at the same time, I feel slightly nostalgic because it's like those thick cardboard books I read as a kid. Golden books or something. Those look really clean and awesome though man. Quality work. I wish we could've had someone this good at our wedding. . .

Laura Kay Photography said...

i love those albums!!!! amazing! great shots too!


Nathaniel Thompson said...

Great albums! Great price!

Kelly Segre said...

The albums look absolutely gorgeous! Great designs.