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Kameron & Amy's Engagment Session

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kameron and I go way back! He was one of my roommates in college and has been always been an amazing friend to me!
This is one of those weddings I would love to shoot but I'll be on the stage all dressed up. I'm even more honored to be your best man Kam!

Their big day is this Saturday...
Congrats you guys! We love ya!





DSC_6462 copy.jpg

DSC_2787 copy.jpg


DSC_2861 copy.jpg

DSC_2919 copy.jpg

DSC_2953 copy.jpg

DSC_3253 copy.jpg

DSC_3225 copy.jpg

DSC_3283 copy.jpg



screen-capture-1 copy.jpg


naomiclaire said...

what a fun engagement session!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Fun! What a great couple and what fabulous photos!

Beaton Photography said...

Love those photos - especially that contrast with the blue shirts & red brick wall! Beautiful couple too!

Mary said...

awesome! i love the night shots, i'm a sucker for dragging the shutter. nice use of color too!!

Elizabeth and Frank said...


Great work with these guys. I am pretty sure we have at least one thing in common - deep hatred of the UNC Tarheels!

Elizabeth and Frank

Jaci said...

Great photos! They look like a really fun couple.

Tara Young Photography said...

Great work. Looks like you really captured their personalities.

zac|thomas said...

I love the look of the shot with them against the lamp post. Were you just shooting wide open for that depth of field or was there some photoshop employed for that? Great stuff!