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January Jog...

Monday, January 7, 2008

I wrapped up Jenn & Cody's engagment session (which was amazing...so much fun!) about 5:30. The thermostat on my watch said it was 73 degrees! In January! Katie got home at the same time and we were so astonished at this great weather that we actually took Ringo for a jog through our neighborhood. Most of the time we looked in people's front window and critiqued their decorations : ) It was good though...now we feel great about ourselves for exercising! woo hoo!

It was a busy weekend...more shots to come!

peace to ya
ps...you can tell how much we run, look how dirty our shoes are!


Anonymous said...

ex-er-cise? hmmm, not sure what you are talking about, John and I need a little elaboration on that one. ;) Love that photo though!

Jane Photo said...

love this photo