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Friday, March 13, 2009

From what we can tell the new studio will be completed in a couple weeks! The contractors are putting on the final touches before we get to go in and deck the place out. I'm really looking forward to this step for our business as well as Cafe Evoke and Gibson Events. Here's a couple snaps from tonight at LIVE on the Plaza. It was really cool. There was a indie film screening, live music and an art opening at DNA Galleries. Our neighbors to the East were serving green beer and corn beef in honor of St. Pattys, that was pretty cool. I also got a sweet, handmade Obama onesie for Gavin at Collected Thread. Hopefully by the next Plaza LIVE we'll have our doors open to contribute to the awesomeness!
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forgive the unflattering angle here, I stuck my camera in a potted plant for this shot.


Team Honnoll said...

SWEEEEET! We are excited for you! :)

leanna jackson said...

awesome. if you guys want cheap advertising, hit up artbeat :)

maybe i'll see you at LIVE on month. w00t.

Jaclyn Marie said...

YAY for the Plaza District!!!!!