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Brandt & Annie are engaged...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let me just tell you the best part about my job. It's not playing with cool cameras or computers, or staying at home in your pajamas all day editing photos. The best part about my job is working with cool people on best day of their life. Thats exactly why clients like Brandt & Annie make me love my job. They're just awesome folks, thats all there is to it. And I'm glad that it's my job to capture their relationship!
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Tell Brandt to do "the face" and this is what you get...


/ todd scott ballje said...

great shoot my man!
I was thinking maybe seeing me inspired you to such good work but since you didn't see me till after you were done, I realized that must not have been it.

love love love the shot with them on the steps through the window and the monochrome textured shot!

congrats Brandt & Annie!

/ todd

Erica Gibson said...

i love the ols school feel of #1, and the texture on #4 and 6 is perfect!!!

joshua k said...

Absolutely great shots !

Carl Zoch said...

I concur. the stair shot is sick man. great shoot! hope they didn't feel awkward that you shot in your pajamas. I wouldn't.

Hanaumi Photography said...

Amazing work!

Shannon said...

I love your work! I have to say, your rock!

Cara said...

These are really great looking! I'm happy to have found your blog. It's nice to know another photographer from the midwest.

Keep up the amazing work!

Annie said...

Just think how much more impressed everyone would be if they knew how you dodged those lasers during our shoot.

Thanks again for the great photos... I'm pretty sure I still look at them about every two hours.