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Cody & Jenn's awesome concert wedding...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to see how everybody chooses to live life, down to the most personal details. Theres no better indicator of the personality of a couple than their wedding day, it's like a microcosm of their take on life. Some of us enjoy a luxurious, grand wedding with hundreds of guests. Whereas, others of us enjoy a elegantly simple backyard ceremony with close family and friends. And then there are those of us who enjoy getting married in the middle of a rock concert. My friends Jenn & Cody took the idea of letting their personality shape their wedding day to a new level. Cody and Jenn both love art and music, good food and drink and having a great time with their friends and family...and thats exactly what their wedding day was! I remember in our consultation when Jenn tried to explain her vision to me, half way through I said " I'll be there, even if I'm not the photographer!"
It was the most fun I've had in a looong time.So here's how it worked... They invited all their guests to a concert, told them to wear their concert t-shirts and come ready to have a good time. Grandpa Griffith and Lisa Curl brought the thunder with their hilarious musical stylings. They tied the knot right in the middle of the concert. There was even a feature song written just for them performed by Lisa Curl and GG lead singer Aaron Copeland. In the true sense of celebration, the ceremony included a free for all dance time where guests were invited up to the stage to cut loose.

On a serious note, I'm not sure I'll ever be part of a more fun, genuine and personal celebration. It was legendary. I could probably blog three times the photos here, but you probably have a real job and I'd hate to get you in trouble with your boss. Now on to the photos, I'll provide a little commentary along the way...
tiny signature.jpg


Jenn crafted her bouquet herself...

Yep, thats purple!


the guys did a mustache theme, how awesome is that.



just your everyday wedding party photo...




some rowdy wedding guests...


Grandpa Griffith's presence makes Chuck Norris pee his pants...






some reception details...

the talented Lisa Curl!



Aaron said...

Im jealous you got to shoot this wedding! I'm betting they just set a trend. Great shots! Love you Lisa Curl! Thats my cuz.

~abi~ said...

um, seriously? has there ever been a COOLER wedding?!? :) fantastic!

jenn said...

Josh you are awesome! All the pictures are amazing and your blog made me tear up a little! :) Thanks you so much for being apart of our day!

Dave and Rob said...

Man, that totally rocks! Definitely a nice, offbeat production that will be fun to look at for years!

Whitney said...

"offbeat" that's jenn! i certainly wouldn't say she is trend setter though, jenn is a trend destroyer :)

Kriea Arie said...

I love this wedding!!! It is so unique and fun! :)

Candi Coffman-McKinney said...

you have some cool clients! this wedding looks like a lot of fun. good work.