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to the love of my life...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Que the trumpets....today marks 4 years since the most awesome day of my life! On August 14th, 2004, Katie and I got married at our church with all our family and friends around and it was absolutely awesome. I busted out our wedding prints the other day and got all excited about how fun our wedding was for us! Which simultaneously made me re-inspired about my job and what we get to provide for our couples.

Here's a shot I got of my amazing wife last fall at our annual bed and breakfast get-away in the mountains.
Isn't she gorgeous! I love you Katie, your're my best friend and I can't wait to see you grow our baby !!! Happy Anniversary!
hawt wife.jpg

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Carl Zoch said...

I love me some mccullocks! Happy 4 years!!!

realolivegreen said...

Aw....she's beautiful. Happy 4 years!

karen flowers said...

so gorgeous. congratulations!

Whitney said...

so romantis, congratulations!

Whitney said...

so romantis, congratulations!

KB said...

Do you use any actions on your photos or do it directly yourself from photoshop?

Amanda said...


Dave and Rob said...

Pardon me for saying, but your Missus is a hottie! I'm diggin the texture.... can we get a blog post about your texture technique?

Josh McCullock Photography said...

thanks everyone!
@ KB-to answer your question...yes : )
I got the TRA 1 actions from the Boutwells awhile back and have since sliced and diced those into a few that I use often. The great thing about actions is you can manipulate and combine then for whatever look you want. In addition to that I have a handful of my own actions I've recorded over time. They are definitely a time saver, I'd totally recommend it!

@ Dave and Rob - no pardon necessary, she's the prettiest baby momma on the block! : ) And if she ever checked my blog I'm sure she'd blush. haha
As soon as wedding season lets me breathe I plan to do a couple of technical posts for people who've been asking. Look for those coming in November!