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Nicchole's Sr. session | Part 1...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

About a week ago I met up Nicchole for her senior portraits. To make a loooong story short the Dave concert downtown spited us from parking and we barely caught the last of the great light we had that evening. But I have to hand it to Nicchole, she and her Mom walked about 10 blocks, shot about 10 different spots and changed clothes all in about 30 minutes. As soon as these rainy days stop we'll meet up again to get a couple more looks and finish up the session. I thought I'd share a couple shots since Nicchole has been so anxious to see what we got. Even though the light was fading, the trusty Nikon D3 at ISO 500 did pretty good. (nerd alert! )

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Dave and Rob said...

Man, that looks awesome @ ISO 500. Jealous! Nice work sir!

Joshua K said...

Awesome !

BK said...

Hey man! It was great meeting you the other night. We'll definitely have to do it again sometime. Maybe we'll see you on the 5th? Love your work, very inspirational and this first pic is sick! Call me sometime!