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Monday, August 11, 2008

At the beginning of the summer Katie and I were talking about how we can make our little home business more personal. The first thing we came up with was to start meeting clients here in our house instead of coffee shops. Since I never plan to do typical studio work and with the baby on the way, I plan to work from home for many years! So we put our heads together and remodeled the upstairs room in our house into a office/client lounge.
You'll notice you don't see wedding pictures everywhere. We spend alot of time up here and, no offense to any of our clients, but I get tired of looking at wedding pictures all the time! : ) I found those old prints I made a year ago rolled up in the closet. It must have been destiny, they work great with the room.
So, if you ever come over for a consultation or to review an album design, this is what to expect!
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P.S. Stay tuned, the new website should be going live today...mere hours until the interwebs get alot better!





/ todd scott ballje said...


Kelly Beane said...

very cool!! that sofa is sweeeeet! and love those prints!

~abi~ said...

awesome! luv the colors and style!

jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

looks like a great workspace to me! love the wall color!

Whitney said...

can you and katie come over to our house next? :)