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Warning : Extreme Nerdery...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've been meaning to upgrade my hard drives for month or so now. Well it got pushed aside when we got really busy and it wasn't until we got back from Les & Chelsey's wedding last night about 12:30 that I realized I needed more disk space. Out of a thousand gigs we currently have, there are only about 100 free! Thats not much when you figure an 8 hour wedding can take up as much as 50 gigs. (past clients...don't worry, we back up everything on multile DVDs as well )

Before I started downloading Les & Chelsey's wedding I went to see my buddy Thomas at the Apple store. I went to get the new Apple Time Capsule, but turns out the Lacie 2Big Pro Raid drive was a better option. The Raid gives you the option to have the exact same files stored on two different drives. Incase one drive fails, you have an instant backup. Pretty smart eh?

I told you it was nerdy...


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